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  Although you may be feeling overwhelmed with the legal process, you do not have to navigate through the divorce and family law system alone. When you work with me as your attorney, you can expect the highest degree of personal attention and passionate legal representation. I am here for you and ready to negotiate, settle and litigate for your desired solution.


It may surprise you to know that about 95% of all divorces are settled without a trial. A big factor influencing the divorce process in New York is that contested divorce cases can take years to come to trial creating excessive financial and personal issues for the entire family. With a distinguished legal career that spans over 30 years, Mr. Margolin has the ability to quickly analyze the facts, apply the law and come up with a strategic position and proposed settlement within a short period of time. We try to settle quickly and on your terms. In the event that trial is unavoidable, you may be confident that our creative negotiating skills and litigation experience will be helping you achieve the best possible results.


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My staff and I are compassionate, competent and you can depend on us to be always accessible to you. We have the resources to meet your needs. We take the time to understand your unique situation and priorities. We will discuss your options and help you determine the best course of action. With Mr. Margolin as your voice in court, your position will be heard and you will always be well informed about your case. To be able to make smart decisions you will need an experienced attorney like Mr. Margolin so that you can make choices that will be good for you today and into the future. We encourage you to contact Mr. Margolin with your questions and concerns today.




 A successful negotiation requires the opposing parties to come together and hammer out an agreement that is acceptable to each side. Effective negotiators must have the skills to analyze a problem to determine the interests of both parties in the negation. Larry’s years of experience mean he can quickly create a detailed problem analysis identifying the issues, the interests of all parties and their outcome goals.

Through preparation, active listening, emotional control, verbal communication, problem solving and decision making ability, interpersonal skills, ethics and reliability, Our law firm has over thirty years of experience in negotiating which enables us to quickly create a detailed problem analysis identifying the issues, the interests of all parties and their outcome goals. The founding partner of the law firm has demonstrated the ability to effectively negotiate and get the desired results and needs of the client



 Having participated significantly in the court process for over thirty years in Federal, State, Civil, District and Appellate Courts, The Law Office of Laurence S. Margolin, LLC has over thirty years in litigation experience.


Allow us to help you through your divorce by protecting your rights and providing a compassionate approach to ease the stress of the difficult situation you are facing. We will work with you to make your goals a reality. 

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